Chris Brown

Chris Brown‘s mansion in the Valley was robbed by three armed men earlier this week. Now, new information says the robbery was very elaborate; the thieves were equipped with ski masks, tails, and possibly a spy to keep an eye on Chris’ whereabouts.

TMZ says the police believe the culprits knew exactly where Chris Brown was located and needed to act fast before he came home.

Chris was hosting a pre-ESPY party which had been publicized, but law enforcement believes based on what the robbers told his aunt, they had someone at the club keeping tabs on him.

Although the identity of the robbers is unknown — they were wearing ski masks — we’re told cops believe the culprits knew Chris and very possibly knew the layout of the house.

Chris’s mother also thinks this was an inside job, especially since he has a habit of inviting strangers back to his crib after the club.

Even more important, the mother of Chris Brown’s daughter, Nia Guzman, doesn’t want little Royalty around Chris because she thinks it’s too dangerous. Nia thinks many of Chris’ friends are gang members or gang-affiliated, and the robbery shows they’ve now turned on Chris. TMZ says she’s not cool with Royalty being around that element.

This is bad timing for the “Post To Be” singer, as he just took his baby mother to court for a formal custody agreement since she hasn’t been letting him see Royalty.

How do you think the judge will react to these recent circumstances surrounding Chris Brown?


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