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Solange has released her third collection with Puma, and this one’s all about girl power.

The collection, which debuted last week, is called “Word to the Woman” and it’s really dope. The ad campaign stars 14 inspiring boss women from different backgrounds, including a psychiatrist, makeup artist, DJ, and songwriter – just to name a few.

Shot by J. Quazi King, the campaign shines a bright spotlight on the beauty of women, particularly women of color, and the four different hues of the collection perfectly complement the shots.

The limited edition kicks feature suede detail and will release in two parts. Solange also shot interviews with each woman, which will be shared between launches.

Keep scrolling to check out the campaign for yourself. Prepare to be inspired.

Makeup Artist




Designer, Artist, Model

Songwriter, Singer

Producer, Singer, Songwriter


Clinical Research Coordinator


The first half of this two-part collection is available now at Puma.

SOURCE: Refinery 29 | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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