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It was certainly a fulfilling year for pop culture, but it was definitely one of the best years ever for Black Twitter.

While our timelines were always buzzing with a new trending topic, Black Twitter was looking for their next victim or hashtag to dive into, giving us some of the funniest jokes, memes, gifs, and more.

You may recall the #AskRachel fiasco from earlier this year, or even poor Denzel Washington, who became a meme sensation. Even Drake stepped up his “Drakeness” this year.

The Michael Jordan crying face took over all of our timelines, while Lil Mama took a serious L when her own crying face became a target.

There was even a White Kappa who made just about every female fall in love with his shimmy.

Check out some of the best Black Twitter moments of 2015 in the gallery below.


The Best Black Twitter Moments Of 2015
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