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“I’m hitting the road.”

That was Norma’s response when she received the devastating news that she had a large tumor on her uterus. Two days earlier, her husband of 67 years succumbed to cancer. But instead of treatment, Norma’s choosing adventure.

The 90-year-old joined her son, Tim, his wife, Ramie, and their poodle, Ringo, on a cross-country RV trip. Despite their recommendation of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, Norma’s doctors are supporting her decision:

“As doctors we see what cancer treatment looks like everyday. ICU, nursing homes, awful side effects and honestly, there is no guarantee she will survive the initial surgery to remove the mass,” the doctor told Norma, according to Ramie. “You are doing exactly what I would want to do in this situation.”

The family has now been on the road for six months, traveling from Florida to Mississippi, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, South Dakota, and more. They’re sharing memories from their trek on a Facebook page titled, “Driving Miss Norma.” Ironically, the adventure appears to be helping Norma:

“She’s getting healthier, I think, from eating well and being outside a lot. She’s breathing fresh air and getting to see new things all the time,” explained Ramie.

Hopefully, Norma’s story can inspire others to live their best life regardless of their circumstances. After all, you only live once and when her time comes, Norma’s determined to go out on a high note.

SOURCE: Mashable, ABC News | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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