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Global Grind would like to introduce you to our new digital video series, Tatted Fanatic

Tatted Fanatic explores the microcosm of tattoo culture and the master artists who create visually stunning body art. This series examines the sometimes poignant stories behind the art and the meaning wearers attach to it. From the people who conceptualize the idea, to the artists who bring it to life, Tatted Fanatic delves into the world of tattoos – beyond the skin.

On this episode of Tatted Fanatic, we’ll be exploring the personal story of Nathan Hebert, an artist most known for his life-like black and gray portraits, and how he garnered a reputation as one of the best tattoo artists in the city of Austin.

Nathan invited us to Atomic Tattoo, where he’s been working since his release from prison, to share his remarkable story of failure and redemption. While stigma still surrounds the polarizing art form, Nathan Hebert credits tattoo artistry for saving his life.

To get a closer look at Nathan’s artwork, click here.


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