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Although last night’s TIDAL X: 1015 benefit concert was an all-around success, there were definitely a few acts that stood apart from the others. It goes without saying, Beyonce‘s was one of them.

The Lemonade singer arrived much earlier than expected, looking like she’d just descended from the heavens in a metallic body suit that left just enough to the imagination. Taking the stage front and center, Bey and her thigh-long braid captivated the audience with a stunning medley performance of “Haunted” early on in the show, then in a surprise twist, came back for more at the very end of the night to close out.

At one point, Bey was bleeding from her ear (it appeared she’d ripped her earring out), but kept singing – because no one slays like Yoncé and the show must go on. Before heading out, she asked that young people get out and vote, reminding us all how much our ancestors sacrificed for the right to choose America’s leadership.

One hundred percent of last night’s profits will go to improving education locally, nationally, and abroad through Robin Hood and TIDAL-supported nonprofit organizations like the Shawn Carter Foundation, #YESWECODE, LitWorld, Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy, and more.

Watch her grace the stage here and see all the photos you need to see from her performances last night below.

Beyonce takes the stage, alongside her dancers.

Get in formation.

Bey’s braid had a life of its own.

… It definitely stole the spotlight.

Bey hits the TIDAL X: 1015 red carpet ahead of her performance.


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