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Fox News won’t have their “Black girl” to kick around anymore. The conservative network made the decision not to renew Stacey Dash‘s contract for the new year, leaving her with no soapbox on which to spout her Republican rhetoric.

Dash has been a commentator on the network since 2014, and in that time has taken shots at everything from Barack Obama to Black Lives Matter to the BET Awards. Stacey’s seemingly endless disdain for liberals and Black issues, in particular, came in handy for Fox News when it was trying to expand its audience, but it seems like Stacey might have come up short. She has, however, provided plenty of fodder for Black Twitter over the years.

So far, it seems like Stacey is keeping up the conservative talking points via Twitter and her Patheos blog, but we gotta wonder how long that’ll last now that there’s no check to come with it. It’s never to late to come back, Stacey. Just sayin’.

SOURCE: The Hill