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As a customer awaiting your Domino’s order, you usually expect a delicious hot pizza and if you’re lucky, some great customer service. However, one Domino’s customer got a little extra with a calling card from a drug dealer.

This past Friday, February 10, an unidentified Liverpool, England Domino’s delivery person left a contact card offering a customer drugs such as, “Weed, MDMA, pills, ket raw coke & much more.”

The incident was reported to Merseyside Police and is one of many similar incidents supposedly occurring since November. Nina Arnott, a spokesperson for Domino’s, assured the public, “We have suspended the individual in question whilst we investigate this issue in conjunction with Merseyside Police.”

As drug laws continue to be in flux across various states, more conversations are being had about what should and what shouldn’t be legally sold – but, who knew someone would be so bold with their promotional strategies?

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