In part three, Snow and TrapFlix co-founder JT The Bigga Figga talk about the streaming business and bringing Snoop Dogg onboard.


“We TrapFlix for life. It was us, just me and JT. We brought Snoop to it.”

JT THE BIGGA FIGGA (Founder of TrapFlix):

“The TrapFlix app, we took all the movies off of there. We don’t want ‘em to watch it on there, we want ‘em to watch it on TrapFlix YouTube.

Yeah they can look on YouTube, the majority of damn near everything is up there.

That’s where all the traffic is at. They not watching no app. I took that shit off, ‘cause they charge us to let niggas watch our shit, and we ain’t even selling no commercial time, or nothing on that bitch. So I was like, “Fuck that, why am I paying all this money?” You know, to look good. But that party’s over. My people at YouTube said come to California for this meeting, and that’s what the fuck I did. And I found out a secret, and ever since then, I been keeping Curt tuned in that, “Hey, the more product, the bigger the bubble. Cause boy, ain’t no 360 deals. And gotdamnit, we ain’t signing to nobody. Cause I know I can’t. I’m too old to do that. My family’ll look at me crazy. But the smart play: We licensing it, and we ain’t done that yet. That’s what we out her for now. Everybody wanna get they hands on these 40-something movies.”


“And that’s our reason for being in Cali, right now you heard it first.”

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