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The topic of the Kardashian-Jenner krew and kultural appropriation is a tale as old time. But in a weird way, the privileged family still finds a way to do something that makes the appropriation conversation new and relevant again. Just last week, Khloe Kardashian got called out on social media for her struggly, vacation cornrows. SMH.


One commenter wrote: “Those braids aren’t you. You’re not black hun!!” Another said: “So none of her black friends gonna tell her this hair ain’t it?”

As for Kim, the one who gets the most backlash for her ethnic-inspired looks (besides sister Kylie), she was caused a stir earlier this month for not-so-subtly copying many of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s 90’s looks. So much so that people thought that the fashion icon was feuding with the feeble family.

But if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that you should never, under any circumstance, come for the the Queen of fashion and shade. Naomi may be an icon, but she knows just how to fight petty with even more petty. Each time Kim or Kylie rocked an outfit that was similar to one of her infamous, Ms. Campbell hopped on the ‘gram to prove that she in fact did it first.


The gag is, it’s not just the ensembles being kopied by Kardishians — it’s the full on look, complete with the same hair, accessories and makeup.

Back in the day, they probably would’ve gotten away with it, unscathed. But not with Black Twitter being the force that it is. After being called out on her ish, Kim K. (did what she does best) gave credit to Naomi for inspiring her recent looks by tagging the model in her photo.


But we know who hit it first. We know the true fashion icon. And we know a karbon kopy when we see one. In honor of Naomi’s 49th birthday, hit the flip to check out all the times the Kardashian-Jenner krew looked like a Campbell kopy kat.

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