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While ads about dieting and bigger booty procedures have become the norm on social media, Instagram is recognizing how these kinds of posts can be harmful to people — especially young folk. So, according to new reports, IG will be restricting weight loss and cosmetic procedure posts for users under the age of 18.

“Some posts will be hidden from under-18s while others promoting ‘miraculous’ weight loss products will be removed,” BBC states, adding “Unrealistic ‘get thin quick’ promotions will be taken down and young people will be restricted from viewing some posts related to dieting and cosmetic surgery if they have an incentive to buy. Users will be able to report posts they think violate the policy, and Instagram will review them to decide whether they need to be restricted or taken down.”

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These restrictions will also apply to Facebook, but here’s the catch…

“… The restrictions will only apply to users that Instagram knows are younger than 18 – and the app does not ask users for their date of birth when they sign up. Instead, users signing up are simply asked to tick a box declaring themselves over 18 or not. If they sign up using a Facebook account, their age information is pulled from their Facebook profile – which is also not usually verified.”

Let us know your thoughts on whether or not the new policy is actual helpful.

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