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Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nicholas Hoult have played Falcon, Nick Fury, and Beast in several Marvel movies — now they’ve come together again for a new Apple film due in theaters next month. Here’s a short synopsis courtesy of Mashable:

“In The Banker, a based-on-truth story and Apple Original Film, the duo plays Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, respectively. During the 1960s, the two hatched a plan to build a real estate and banking empire around the idea of helping African Americans forge their own path to finding the American Dream. To do it, they sought help from a working class white guy by the name of Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult, of X-Men fame). Garrett and Morris taught Steiner how to socialize in rich guy circles, and used him as the face of their operation at a time in history when the color of one’s skin was an open and in lots of cases legally mandated barrier (rather than the systemic barrier it still is today).”

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Hoult hit Twitter this morning to show the cast, which also includes Nia Long and Jessie T. Usher, some love…

Hit a theater near you on December 6 to tune in, or watch on Apple TV+ January 2020.

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