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Rico Nasty

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Rico Nasty shared this clip to her Instagram from an interview with artist, Talib Kweli, and comedian, Jasmin Leigh, on their Uproxx digital series “People’s Party.” The DMV rapper discusses the importance of Black women sharing their full range of emotions in entertainment and art. She speaks on the industry’s incessant need for fresh subject matter from Black women about their experiences and authentic perspectives. In the less than two minute clip, Rico candidly expresses what all Black women feel on the regular.

Rico Nasty is best known for her unconventional delivery and “punk” aesthetic. Her rise to fame came after her 2017 single “Poppin” appeared on Season 2 of Insecure. Most recently, Rico’s latest single “Smack a Bitch,” which she references in the People’s Party interview, has opened up a new world of possibilities.

The 23 year old rapper recently made her first television appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Rico Nasty performed “OHFR?” from her debut studio album Nightmare Vacation Thursday night (January 14). She shares her excitement to Twitter in anticipation of her performance.

Rico urges her fans to engage with her while watching the show.

The young star is wise beyond her years. Rico discusses the responsibilities Black women have in the “People’s Party” interview with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh on Uproxx. As a mother of her first and only child, a son named Cameron, Rico can speak to the weight Black women feel caring and nurturing the next generation. Rico first gave birth to Cameron at age 18 and has been taking care of her 5 year old son while simultaneously growing her fanbase practically on her own. Tragically, Cameron’s father, Brandon, died of an asthma attack while Rico was finishing up her senior year at high school.

Despite life’s circumstances, Rico is laser focused on sharing the many stories of Black women that span the spectrum of emotions. She mentions in the video that women entertainers can discuss more than being pretty, getting money and their sex lives. Rico speaks on the significance of being “voice for women.”

She goes onto say, “When you’re so so busy taking care of everyone else, who the [redacted] makes sure you’re okay.”

Watch the full “People’s Party” interview with Talib Kweli, Jasmin Leigh and the leader of the new generation, Rico Nasty on Uproxx here: