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Insecure Season 5 Premiere Screening

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Actress and social media star Keke Palmer stole the show on the latest episode of Insecure.

The widely talked about HBO series, Insecure, wraps up with Season 5 and show creator, Issa Rae, is not shying away from the celebrity cameos.  Palmer joined the cast on its last and final season as Condola’s sister, Kira. Fans meet Palmer’s character after Condola gives birth to her and Lawerence’s baby boy, Elijah Mustafa.

Palmer used the little screen time she had to create meme worthy moments for social media by being her naturally funny and charismatic self. Fans pointed out the irony in Palmer playing Condola’s sister after her past shadiness on the Internet. Her shady comments is actually what landed her on the show.

Palmer reached out to Rae on Twitter in September 2020. She tweeted, “Hey @IssaRae there’s been a mix-up. I posted about my excitement for Season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I’m gonna be on it. We can’t let them down, put me in to beat Condola’s ass real quick.”

Showrunner Prentice Penny told Entertainment Tonight that the tweet is what led her to appearing alongside the character as her loving and ride or die sister. He mentioned, “it was just funny to make her Condola’s sister because she couldn’t stand Condola.”

Fans of the show couldn’t forget Palmer’s initial reaction to the show, pointing back at her first tweet. One fan said, “I thought @KekePalmer was supposed to whoop Condola’s ass.” And another pointed out the irony, “It’s the way @KekePalmer wanted to fight Condola last season and ends up playing her sister.”

Palmer jokingly referenced the tweet she sent to Rae, reposting it on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Careful what you wish for. Lololololol….Genuinely so thankful to @issarae! I always shoot my work shots(cause I loves to werk 😅), what’s the worst that can happen? Present your skill, you never know how it can be of service.”

The Emmy award-winning star still found a way to add some shadiness to Kira’s character, directing the sassiness to her sister’s baby father, Lawerence. One fan tweeted, “Keke Palmer showed up on Insecure to be her most famous meme about Lawrence. Talmbout, sorry to this man.”

Palmer just teamed up with Amazon to publish a series of short stories based upon her original characters. These characters were first introduced over five years ago, as she wanted to experiment with new types of comedy in the digital universe. Palmer’s now viral characters tackle the issues of class, race, femininity, and culture, with her signature brand of humor.

Since then, she has incorporated feedback from her fans and community on social media in real time to refine each character to be reflective of her audience and the world around her. Check out the series available on Amazon now.

Go Keke Go!


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