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A recent Twitter trend inspired TV lovers from all over the world to share their “10 Shows To Know Me” lists. The lists are filled with television shows that have inspired and directly influenced each Twitter user over the years. Some lists feature comedy classics. While other lists are overflowing with television’s best drama series throughout the years.

The trend eventually led to other lists like “10 Songs To Know Me” and “10 Books To Know Me.” These lists proved to be quite challenging, because there are thousands to choose from. Nonetheless, our team stepped up to the challenge. The trend inspired our staff to invite readers inside of our television sets in this special “10 Shows To Know Our Staff” list.

Read some of our favorite shows to get to know us outside of the hot topics, tv shows, music and films we cover daily.

Sammy’s List

In Living Color

This show paved the way for a true variety show onscreen. It showcased the talents of some of my favorite comedians, actors, dancers and musicians, and catapulted their careers to new heights. Also, THE WAYANS family is simply top tier talent.

The Office

It’s something so special about a simple plot like “office activities” met with outlandish characters that brings me so much joy. The writing, comedic timing and improvisation skills in this show sum up my humor perfectly.


Though my hometown has films inspired by the culture like the cult classic ATL, Atlanta is a series that anyone can relate to (whether you’re from the city or not). Each moment throughout the series feels real to my upbringing and the writers couple humor and drama well.

Chapelle’s Show

I’m obviously a fan of sketch comedy shows, but this one created moments that live on forever. Dave Chapelle is a National Treasure, who must be protected at all costs. Despite the outcome or controversy, Chapelle is one of the only comedians I’ve witnessed in my lifetime paint the picture of our reality perfectly.


For the first time, we saw Black women from various backgrounds living their best lives onscreen. The world of Girlfriends felt more realistic to me than Sex and the City, but it also explored their intimacy, careers and family in a similar way. I love seeing women sexually liberated on television. Go off sisters!

My Wife and Kids

Family shows can become a bit corny if you’re not careful but Damon Wayans (again) has a way of making anything hilarious. I love the quirky characters and the idea that building family traditions is not linear. The Kyle family is permanently imprinted in my tv brain.

The Jamie Foxx Show

This show highlighted ALL of Jamie Foxx’s talents. Artists are still sampling some of his songs from the show in their music today. Any great comedy series is compromised of a simple plot, memorable characters and consistent antics. The Jamie Foxx Show did that!

Sister, Sister

I gravitated toward Sister, Sister growing up, because I could relate to the twins in many ways. They were trying to navigate their teenage to young adulthood lives in this unexpected, new world.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

True story: I could only watch this at my dad’s over the summer because we didn’t have this channel at mom’s house growing up so it feels super nostalgic. It was probably a bit inappropriate for me to watch but I was OBSESSED. The DRAMA honey! Of course that’s where I first met Aubrey, who most of you know as Drake.


Insecure is a classic show. I have never witnessed a series, in this new millennium, happily bring people together on social media to discuss the episode’s happenings each week. Everyone had an opinion on what should happen next and the character’s choices. It also showcased the city it was set in perfectly for fans to dive in and champion a once underserved community like the South side of Los Angeles.

Honorable mentions: Martin, Sex and the City, The Simpsons, The Boondocks, The Bernie Mac Show, and Schitt’s Creek. 10 is not enough. 🙁 

Rebecah’s List

Gilmore Girls

I watched Gilmore Girls with my mom growing up, and since it came to Netflix, I’ve seen every episode an embarrassing amount of times.

Arrested Development

I had all three original seasons on DVD and lent them to at least 20 people in my class in middle school. I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Happy Endings

I’m still waiting on the reboot, because cancelling this show after 3 seasons was a crime to humanity. Absolutely flawless.

My Wife and Kids

You can never go wrong with watching reruns of My Wife and Kids. It’s still just as funny today as it was years ago.

Jane The Virgin

I was convinced this show was going to be so stupid off the premise alone, but it turned into one of my favorites. The writing is impeccable.

Being Mary Jane

Another show with great writing that was cancelled way too soon.


I drove myself into a bout of depression watching episodes of Dexter before bed in college, but it was worth it. Unlike everyone else, I loved the ending.


If you can’t tell, I like comedies. J.D. & Turk 4 ever <3

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I love reality TV and you can’t convince me KUWTK isn’t entertaining. I will be watching them eat huge salads for another 10 seasons on Hulu.


Nancy Botwin made terrible decisions and I loved every second of it. I will not acknowledge the final two seasons of the show, though.

Janeé’s List 

A Different World

As a member of #DeniseHive, I was watching this series from the start and stayed loyal even after Denise Huxtable dropped out of Hillman. This show remains one of my favorites thanks to the evergreen issues, fly 90’s fashion and talented ensemble cast.

Top Chef

I’m a foodie who loves Bravo and this is easily one of my favorite “reality shows.” Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio keep the challenges coming to make things interesting and I manage to find a few new favorite chefs every season.

Sex And The City

I cried after the final season finale of SATC – because it reminded me so much of my NYC experience with amazing female friendships, a dating life that was on struggle status and big dreams of making it as a writer.


By far the best thing to happen to 2020. Katori Hall’s play turned dramatic series kept me captivated thanks to Uncle Clifford’s colorful wardrobe, the mysterious and moneymaking Autumn Nights and all the dysfunctional family elements both inside and outside the Pynk.

The Wire

If only this show were still on the air… and Prop Joe were still alive I would kill to hear the cast say 2022! Hands down some of the best television writing EVER – The Wire had the best characters ever seen on a tv screen. Don’t argue with us.

Lovecraft Country

As a lover of books – this show did an incredible job of adapting for the small screen. We loved how this show tightly knitted together historical context, elements of magic and Afro-futurism and horror absolutely beautifully. Misha Green masterfully presented us with an epic love story starring real Black superheroes. I’m about to go rewatch right now.


If you can’t tell by now, HBO has me in a headlock.  As a woman with a strong group of female friends OF COURSE I could relate to Insecure – but considering how “special” Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany are, I came to love Insecure more for the discussions each episode sparked between me and my friends about sex, love and friendship.

Game of Thrones

What’s not to love about a show that spans several kingdoms, features dragons, witches and an army of the undead? I loved GoT for the strong female characters, the dreamy Jon Snow and the unexpected twists and turns. I’m eagerly awaiting the prequel that’s coming soon.

Ted Lasso

It took me awhile to tune in but once I did I was hooked. Jason Sudeikis as an absolutely affable American football coach turned European “football” coach made me laugh and cry. I’ve been a soccer fan my whole life so I loved seeing the behind the scenes elements of the team, plus all of the character’s quirks make this a really fun watch.


Word to John Singleton, a fictional show based on the real life “war on drugs” with an inside look at how the CIA gave up guns for cocaine turning South Central LA into a crack infested, gang-divided warzone is nothing short of genius. Add the exceptional acting of Damson Idris and Michael Hyatt and I’m never missing an episode.

Alejandro’s List

In Living Color

Greatest sketch comedy show ever that gave us Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, and the dazzling dance stylings of Jennifer Lopez.

The Wire

Third greatest show of all-time. The scene where Snoop buys a nail gun is a legendary cinematic achievement.


Iconic sitcom that’s still hilarious 30 years later. Always remember: “you gotta go to work on Myra’s feet”

Game of Thrones

Greatest show of all-time with the worst final season ever. My future wife has to be House Stark or it won’t work.

Married With Children

The most disrespectful show ever (that’s also HILARIOUS). Al Bundy is legendary.

New York Undercover

It had everything: gritty detective work, live performances and the most shocking deaths on a show ever. I would pay a small fee to stream the series in 2022.

The Jamie Foxx Show

A classic sitcom that gave us the best of Jamie Foxx. The episode where he goes on tour with K-Ci & JoJo is one of the funniest ever. On any show.

Breaking Bad

Second greatest show of all-time with impeccable acting/writing. Walter White and his tighty-whities will live in my heart forever.


The most stressful show I’ve ever watched. Jack Bauer accomplished more in 24 hours (and used more daytime minutes on his cellphone) than anyone, ever.

10. Tie between Fresh Prince/Ren & Stimpy/Beavis & Butthead/Power Rangers/Captain Planet/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/X-Files/Tales from the Crypt/Ghostbusters/MC Hammer’s Hammerman show/Darkwing Duck/Voltron/Star Trek: The Next Generation

Each show had a major impact on me growing up.

Char’s List

Blood and Water

I’m Zimbabwean so I’m  a huge fan of anything African on Netflix. This show had me sucked in from the very first episode. Those teens have me so stressed!


I watched ‘Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ in college so when I heard about Issa Rae creating a new show on HBO, I was all in. This is one of the most relatable shows ever with 2 dark-skinned woman leads (which is so hard to come by). It has been so refreshing to watch and I will miss it.

Gossip Girl (original)

I live for the schemes and the drama! I started watching in middle school and I loved being able to escape into the upper east side world that was nothing like my own.

The Game

I can watch this show over and over again. It has the classic Black sitcom feel with modern elements that I enjoy.

Sex and the City

Even though the show lacked diversity, it made New York City look so glamorous and the storylines kept me locked in. Btw Carrie is the most self-absorbed character ever!

Ted Lasso

I didn’t think I would like this show when I started it but the combination of American and British humor is perfect.

Never Have I Ever

I’m signing up for anything that Mindy Kaling makes. Not only is this show hilarious, but it tugs at the heart strings.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Ummm the most iconic Housewives franchise of all time. There, I said it!

This is Us

This show is so well done. I’ve cried way too many times, but I’ve tuned in very season.

Sex Lives of College Girls

Another Mindy Kaling show. I just finished this series and I breezed  through it. It’s so funny and well-written.


Sukii’s List

Queen of the South

Badass women on screen, running a male-dominated business, and outsmarting those who would love to see them dead? Yes, please.

One Day at a Time

Their family reminds me of mine. Watching the show became comforting in a way I didn’t expect. Plus, Rita Moreno is one of my favorite living legends of all time.


Sometimes you just need a nonsensical series that supplies deep belly laughs and gets you out of deep thought. Psych is that show for me.


Scandal is flawless. There are so many scenes I will never, ever forget thanks to Kerry Washington, Joe Morton, Jeff Perry, and Khandi Alexander.


It’s a modern day soap opera and I love every juicy moment.


This series never got the acknowledgment it deserved. On top of Power being a really entertaining, suspenseful crime drama that mixes in a little romance, I feel like I grew up with the complex characters on screen.


Early on, I felt like Snowfall was going to be a classic. Not only does it correct American History books by telling the truth about the crack cocaine era, the acting and writing are impeccable.

The Bernie Mac Show

I miss Bernie Mac. It’s not talked about enough but his sitcom was a hilarious classic that, ’til this day, continues to brings laughter into a lot of homes.

Once Upon A Time

I’m naturally obsessed with all things mythical, and this show turns it up a notch by twisting the stories of our favorite fairytale characters.

Game of Thrones

There are no words for how good this show is… despite the ending that upset practically everyone.


Be sure to share your lists with us in the comments. 

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