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A little rain never hurt anybody. Drew Barrymore has gone viral for embracing the rainfall. The actress and daytime host shared a video on her social media, enjoying a torrential downpour.

Barrymore appears to be living it up in the midst of the rain. Viewers can see Barrymore happily smiling and laughing as the rain drops soak her glasses and her entire face.

“Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity,” she screams excitedly into the camera.

Who knew the rain could make an A-list Hollywood actress so happy? Her simple delight over a rainstorm is quickly inspiring others to feel the same. While most people would be saddened by soaking wet clothes from unexpected rain, Barrymore is encouraging her fans to run towards it.

“I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others predicted that this sort of free-spirited energy may be Barrymore’s strategy to heal her inner child, understanding her background growing up as a child star. “Watching her heal her inner child makes me so happy,” is the top comment on Barrymore’s TikTok video, with over 210k likes.

Some may have put the pieces together that Barrymore is a Pisces, and this zest for life comes naturally. This is not the first time she has shared her simple passions for life with social media. Recently, she posted her emotional reaction to uncovering a window during a home renovation on TikTok.

“I knew there was a window here, I knew it,” she tearfully shares as she pushed through the dry wall concealing the hidden treasure. “It’s like something can be so covered up and dark. You can pry it open and create light,” she added.

Bring on the rain and newly discovered windows. Barrymore is happy about the many simple pleasures of life. We can all take a page out of Barrymore’s joyful book. Here’s your sign to be grateful for all the things. Be sure to cry if you need to and whatever you do, definitely dance in the rain!

Watch the viral video below: