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There is an unusual similarity to one Black, independent fashion designer’s clothing advertisement and Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Cosmetics commercial featuring her mom, Kris Jenner. One social media user accused Jenner of thievery (yet again) online. Check out the two commercials below.

Billionaire entrepreneur and reality tv star Kylie Jenner shared her latest release for her beauty brand featuring her mom, Kris Jenner five days ago. The launch of the Kris Collection debuted today, September 14th. Jenner shared a collection of photos on her personal social media account to promote her latest collection.

The commercial featured a dancing Kris Jenner and cuts of the two women posing with an array of makeup products included in the Kris Collection.

One social media user shared the video saying, “I could be wrong but the marketing for Kylie Kris Jenner collection sure looks similar to : @travisdimeer hmmmmmm.”

Travis Dimeer is the fashion designer and founder of clothing brand IEMBE. Dimeer has gone viral several times after including his mom in his promotions for each specially designed collection. His gorgeous mom has effortlessly posed for his brand’s clothing and designer bags. She even joined Dimeer during New York Fashion week, looking more fabulous than ever.

Dimeer noticed the post about Kylie Cosmetics stealing the inspiration behind his latest campaign, which also included his mom. His response, “Welp đŸ«  what do we have here.”

Check out his original campaign, which seems to pay tribute to BeyoncĂ©’s legendary Coachella Homecoming performance.

Go off Travis and Mama Dimeer! Be sure to support his growing brand here. Comment your thoughts below.