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World Premiere Of Netflix's "Wednesday" - Arrivals

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Netflix’s Tim Burton adaptation of “Wednesday” is a new fan-favorite. “The Addams Family’s” loyal fans are shocked to learn that the actress, who portrayed the original Wednesday Addams, is also featured in the new series as a “normie.” Read more details inside.

Actress Christina Ricci has returned to “The Addams Family” saga in the new Netflix show “Wednesday.” The 42 year old entertainer played the spooky daughter in her breakout role in the 1991 film and its sequel, “The Addams Family Values,” in 1993.

Ricci’s new character in the Netflix series threw fans a huge curveball. She’s nearly unrecognizable, playing a red-headed Mrs. Thornhill, who’s a botanical sciences teacher at Wednesday’s school, The Nevermore Academy. Ricci’s character sports black-rimmed cat-eye glasses and librarian-type clothing.

Mrs. Thornhill is referred to as a “normie” or normal person, which she is praised for being the first normie to teach at The Nevermore Academy. Without revealing too many details for fans who haven’t caught Netflix’s hottest series, viewers learn that Mrs. Thornhill is not as sweet and smiley as she appears early on.

“Wednesday” follows the journey of the sour-faced teenager and only daughter of the Addams Family. She is forced to enroll in her parents’ former school after being kicked out of her previous public school. Her parents, Morticia and Gomez hope that attending The Nevermore Academy will help Wednesday master her emerging psychic ability, but it instead helps her confront their dark and twisted past.

The eight-episode season follows Wednesday as she attempts to solve the murder mystery that occurred near her new school. Her murder investigation led to new information about the school and its town, which leads to a bizarre connection to one of her family members.

Fans are falling in love with actress Jenna Ortega, who reprises the role of the devious and misunderstood Wednesday Addams effortlessly.

Christina even finds the 20 year old actress’ performance to be captivating as she praised Jenna’s work and gave her the ultimate approval on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“She’s amazing. She’s sooo good,” Ricci said. “So good, so wonderful to work with. Her Wednesday is a great modern change.”

The role was literally made for Ortega.

The series ends with a slew of cliffhangers, allowing the Tim Burton adaptation to continue into season 2. Netflix has not made the official announcement about the show’s return, but by the looks of social media, it is highly likely.

Co-creator Alfred Gough says that there is “definitely more to explore in the world of the Addamses.”

“Wednesday” debuts at 314 million hours viewed, coming in as the biggest debut ever for an English-language series on Netflix.

Stream “Wednesday” on Netflix now.