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Rap Sh!t S2 Mixtape Cover

Source: Courtesy / Raedio/Def Jam Recordings

Raedio announced its upcoming “Rap Sh!t” Season 2 soundtrack, which debuts this Fall. Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2) features original music for the series from popular artists like Sexyy Red, Rico Nasty, Kaliii and Maiya The Don. Check out more details about the project and pre-save the leading Sexyy Red single inside.

The modern renaissance of women in Hip Hop is undeniable and Issa Rae’s acclaimed MAX series “Rap Sh!t” aims to take it to new heights with its upcoming Season 2 soundtrack. The mixtape combines original music created for the series and performed by its lead characters Shawna and Mia, as well as artists Sexyy Red, Rico Nasty, Kaliii, Maiya The Don, and more.

Artists like Guapdad 4000, NCognita, Suni MF boast writing credits on the soundtrack and producers Danja, Bankroll Got It, and HitKidd are also featured on the tape.  Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2) is a love letter to the women in rap who are steadily changing the music industry just by being authentically themselves.

The first single “No Panties” from the soundtrack welcomes Sexyy Red, showcasing her talent in a brash, unapologetic southern rap banger as she expertly rides the instrumental and shouts NSFW quotables. The song produced by YA and Snacks of The Breed requests all the sexy ladies to the dance floor with its bouncing bass line and crisp handclaps.

“I’m happy that I got to work on ‘No Panties’ for Rap Sh!t,” Sexyy Red shared her joy in a statement. “It’s just me having fun on the beat and talking my sh*t. It’s just like the show: the rap girls running this sh*t.”

The single is out now and Raedio promises a music video to come later this week on their YouTube channel.

Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2) is more than a soundtrack, it’s a soundboard for the talent, power, and diversity of female rap.  From the polarizing tone of genre bending Rico Nasty to the cerebral bars of NCognita and the unmatched energy of artists like Sexyy Red, Kaliii, Enchanting, and Maiya The Don. Compiled and released by Raedio, the record label founded by Issa Rae, in partnership with Def Jam Recordings, the mixtape shows the immense impact of female rappers today and across history, while intersecting with the MAX series’ themes about working hard while staying true to oneself.

Just like the soundtrack, Season 2 of the series which arrives November 9th, explores the delicate balancing act that female rappers face: how can they achieve their commercial goals while still maintaining authenticity and continuing to have fun?

Raedio is committed to spotlighting not only the most culturally relevant series, projects, and emerging artists, but also the contributors behind the scenes who make these amazing songs possible, the mixtape artwork pays tribute to the classic cover of Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest – one of the few covers in history that highlights the writers and producers that make magic behind the scenes.

Be sure to check out the full soundtrack Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape (Soundtrack from the Max Original Series, S2) curated and released by Raedio and Def Jam Recordings on Friday, Nov. 3.

Stream the leading single “No Panties” by Sexyy Red here.