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Lil Wayne’s wax figure has gone viral, and he made a public comment about it. Read more and check out his wax figure inside.

Several fans reacted to the wax replica staged at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. One TikTok user captioned a video in June 2022 saying, “Lil wayne?!? Look like Lil Cane.”

Another social media user shared a similar clip in September 2023 of the wax figure at the museum’s location in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since then, the clips have garnered viral laughs. So much so, that the inspiration himself commented.

The 41-year-old rapper reacted to the museums portrayal of him on social media saying, “Sorry wax museum but dat (expletive) ain’t me!” he wrote on Monday (Oct. 23).

Lil Wayne also kindly added, “You tried tho and I appreciate the effort.”

There’s no answer as to which museum first displayed Wayne’s wax. Model and how many of their location include his figure, but the ones that do, evidently didn’t do him justice.

Weezy’s wax figure gained attention online after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reacted to a replica of himself at a museum in Paris. The actor and former wrestler shared a video on Instagram Sunday (Oct. 22) from comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr., who roasted The Rock’s wax model at the Grévin Museum for not matching the figure’s skin tone to the Black Adam star.

Jefferson continued to joke that The Rock looked more like “a pebble,” David Beckham or a member of the British royal family because of the light complexion.

“If this how y’all felt when you lost ‘The Little Mermaid,’ I understand,” the comedian said, in a bold reference to the backlash Halle Bailey faced as a Black actress portraying Ariel in the live-action Disney film.

Johnson commented on his figure and the comedian’s remarks, saying, “legit belly laughed” at “The Little Mermaid” remark.

“For the record, I’m going to have my team reach out to our friends at Grevin Museum, in Paris France so we can work at ‘updating’ my wax figure here with some important details and improvements – starting with my skin color,” Johnson added on the post. “And next time I’m in Paris, I’ll stop in and have a drink with myself.”

The Grévin Museum has since taken down its Instagram post of Johnson’s wax model.

“Our artists are already working on improving the waxwork of Dwayne Johnson. Your feedback is always valuable to us,” the museum stated on its Instagram Story Monday.

Maybe, these artist should consult their inspiration first? Just a thought.

Check out Wayne’s wax figure below: