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Victoria Monét and Daughter Hazel Prepare for the Grammy Awards

Source: Sara Jaye / Getty

Grammy award-winning artist Victoria Monét hops on the “I’m A –“ trend, sharing her all-star experience as a mommy to her two year old daughter, Hazel Monét. Watch the viral video and read more about the trend inside.

The months long trend has fans sharing their experiences as a particular astrological sign, Black children, industry specific jobs and more. Just when you think the trend is over, another person hops on to join in the fun.

Just a couple weeks ago, Artist Victoria Monét grabs her adorable toddler Hazel as they prepared to slay the Grammy’s red carpet. The beautiful and talented mother daughter duo participated in the trend with a series of “I’m a Mom” prompts as Victoria went on to win her first three Grammys.

The video starts off with Victoria and baby Hazel with their backs turned in custom robes.

“I’m a mom,” Monét turns around and glances over to the camera. “Of course me and my daughter have matching custom Versace robes”

The video continues with how she would naturally take her daughter with her for this rewarding Grammy’s experience. Victoria’s daughter Hazel makes history as the youngest Grammy nominee as she’s featured on mommy’s song, “Hollywood” with Earth, Wind and Fire.”

“I’m a mom. Of course my daughter’s coming with me to the Grammy’s,” Monét continues in the viral video.

Being a mom is a super power, and Victoria was here to remind the girlies that it’s not as easy as it looks.

“I’m a mom. Of course, I’m holding my daughter in six inch Jimmy Choo heels while on the red carpet,” she ends the trending video.

Go off, Ms. Monét! How cute is this “I’m a Mom” trend? Comment some of your favorite renditions below.

Watch the viral video below: