‘Mea Culpa’ Stars Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes Talk Tyler Perry Twists And The Detail To Look For That You Don’t Want To Miss!


Mea Culpa premiered on Netflix Friday… Have you watched it yet?

Mea Culpa production stills

Source: Bob Mahoney / Perry Well Films 2 / Netflix

We were so excited to see Kelly Rowland step into her executive producer/leading lady era with one of our favorite leading men, Trevante Rhodes, playing her romantic interest in Tyler Perry’s new Netflix erotic thriller Mea Culpa. We were even more excited to interview them both!

Rowland and Rhodes spoke to GlobalGrind Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden about taking it all off for their Netflix erotic thriller and Tyler Perry’s special way with plot twists.

“We did it,” Kelly Rowland told Global Grind when asked how she and her co-star feel about nude scenes. But the steamy sex scene at the center of the film that has everyone talking could easily have fallen flat had the chemistry been off between the pair.

“Actually we met the day before we started shooting and immediately when Trevante and I embraced, I felt respected, I felt safe, I felt comfortable,” Rowland told Global Grind. “I texted Tyler right afterwards and I said, ‘This is going to work!’ Because the truth is you never know what’s going to happen. I could have been like, ‘Oh my God, felt nothing’ But… it was amazing.”

For Rhodes, who told Global Grind, “I think they’re great,” when asked about doing nude scenes, it’s not too often that he encounters a co-star who hasn’t been able to match his chemistry.

“Not in my experience,” he told GG.

We had to ask the stars about working with Perry, who is famous for adding twists to his projects. Even Kelly says she wasn’t sure what direction the plot was about to take when she read the script.

“It just kept untwisting,” Rowland told Global Grind. “That was the exciting part about it. I was like, ‘No! Wait! What? Okay… reading a couple more pages. ‘Oh, snap!’ I think that’s what actually made me excited because it was the unexpected and that made me happy.”

In addition to being an actor, Trevante Rhodes is also a painter so we had to ask him about embodying a role that could bring both worlds together.

“It was amazing, like I said earlier, that scene you were speaking on, Tyler sent us, if you pay attention to the last frame there’s a still shot. So Tyler sent us that still shot. He said, he wanted to get there but he didn’t know how he was going to get there. And you know, we knew how to get there, so you know, I love painting.”

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