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With Christmas around the corner, people all over the nation are scrambling to purchase last-minute gifts. Besides spending time with family, decorating the Christmas tree, and eggnog, gift-giving is one of the most special traditions of the Holiday SZN. It’s pretty awesome to receive a present from a family member, friend, or special loved one in your life — the fact that they thought of you at all is beautiful, plus you never know what fun item is inside.

In fact, so many people love receiving gifts it’s considered a love language.

“For people with gifts as a love language, the act of giving a gift serves as a gesture of affection and care because it shows the person was thinking about you while you weren’t around and wanted to find a way to make you smile. The gift also becomes a physical token memorializing a moment, experience, or feeling. In other words, it’s less about the specific thing that’s being given and more about what that thing symbolizes,” explains, adding “The price tag doesn’t matter as much as the level of thoughtfulness, care, and effort behind the present. People with this love language appreciate small tokens of affection—like when their partner picks them up a coffee on their way to meet up—as much as the more expensive gifts.”

That said, you definitely want to put a lot of thought (and a little cash) into your gifts when Christmastime rolls around, so we have some items to steer clear of for sure.

1. Coupons

These are not an actual gift. Try again.

2. Fuzzy Socks

We get it, they’re cute… but socks?

3. Clothing

Unless a specific item was requested or you’ve got the funds to spend on a luxury piece, we’d steer clear of clothes. The fact is, people are often particular about their style.

Lingerie and luxury items are our two exceptions to this rule.

4. Picture Frames

You can do better.

5. Mugs

Mugs don’t say: “I put a lot of thought into this.”

6. Books

And especially not self-help books.

7. Ties

Is this all you could come up with?

8. Body wash.

Soap, really?

9. Tools

Lame, lame, lame.

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