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CBS's Coverage of Adele - One Night Only

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Adele is going viral again, this time for helping a sweet fan of hers propose to the woman he loves. 

After reaching out to showrunners, one man’s plan to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage went off without a hitch during CBS’ Adele One Night Only special. Before the fella and his bride-to-be entered the venue, an excited Adele told everyone “I need every single person to be really bloody quiet. Alright? Let’s turn the lights down. If you make a noise, I’m going to kill you.” The young man, Quentin Brunson, then entered with his lady, Ashleigh Mann, who was blindfolded and wearing noise-canceling headphones. When he took those off, and she was able to take in her surroundings, Ashleigh had no problem voicing her sweet confusion.

CBS's Coverage of Adele - One Night Only

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

“Is this real,” she asked as her man did his thing. “Who are these people?” she went on, also setting the record straight that she’d been his girlfriend for a pretty long time. After a few of the most adorable moments we’ve ever seen on television, and an enthusiastic “Yes!,” Adele revealed herself and serenaded the couple with “Make You Love Me.”

Adele had a good ol’ time pulling this off for the beautiful love birds — she was absolutely giddy with happiness. Watch the epic moment below, plus some reactions from social media. 

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