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Sadly, FX’s hit comedy drama series “Atlanta” is coming to an end as we approach the series finale tonight. As we prepare, we must recap last week’s episode with things of relevance and offer absolutely no context. Check out a gallery of photos that encompass another unusual “Atlanta” TV experience inside.

The “Atlanta” fans, who have been keeping up with the happenings on the final season are happy to witness the entire cast and crew take weirder leaps and break even more TV boundaries. Some television critics are calling “Atlanta” a “genius work of TV art.”

This season proves that show creator Donald Glover and his team are fearless in creating moments fans have never seen before onscreen. They aren’t worried about what people might think about excluding the ensemble cast on certain epsiodes and totally veering away from the plot or profiling one particular lead character the way they did in the latest episode.

Season 4, episode 9 titled “Andrew Wyeth. Alfred’s World.” is an observation on how people are always making Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) go through something. In the episode fans see Alfred taking Soulja Boy’s advice from a previous episode, where Alfred is being attacked at a local mall. Fellow rapper Soulja Boy warns him that it’s not safe for them and says he’s headed to his “safe farm.”

Paper Boi goes to his own country oasis to get away from the chaotic city life, but things don’t appear to be any safer.

By now, you should have caught the last episode but if you haven’t, we promise we won’t ruin it this time.

Just check out a gallery of relevant photos with absolutely no context. From feral hogs, the beautiful Georgia sky, bacon and whiskey, these pictures will make you raise an eyebrow or two. It’ll all make sense soon.

Get ready for the series finale episode of “Atlanta” tonight on FX.

Check out the gallery below:

1. Feral Hog

Feral Hog Source:Getty

2. Tractor

An Old Mower On A Farm Source:Getty

3. Georgia Sky

Savannah REUNION Source:Getty

4. Cast Iron Skillet

Black cast iron empty frying pan for one person on a wooden stand and a gray kitchen towel on a gray concrete background Source:Getty

5. Bacon & Whiskey

Boozy Maple Bacon Old Fashioned Cocktail Source:Getty

6. Unread Texts

Icon with an image of unread messages in messengers. Flat style. Vector. Source:Getty

7. This Is Fine


8. Grow House

Cannabis plants mature under artificial light in a grow room Source:Getty

9. Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde, American criminal couple. Police photo of Clyde Chestnut Barrow Source:Getty

10. Gucci Flip Flops