1. Teyana got us like dayum!!

Teyana Taylor abs beach bikini body

2. “Finally got a selfie after taking 30 pic!”

3. Teyana’s body makes you want to put down that cupcake ASAP!

4. Teyanna can go from tomboy to hollywood glam and still make you say damn!

5. Thim slick girls get us everytime

6. No one can rock a pair of J’s with a red hot monokini like Teyana

7. She has the swag of an athlete with the face of a princess

8. Her beach is better

9. She literally has abs of steel

10. Teyanna can even make tomboy look good

11. The best beach body award goes to…

12. Tey is giving us Gangsta Glam

13. Teyana’s selfie game is on point!

14. Beauty is her name

15. “People love her pics, give a damn about likes”

16. Teyana is a 10 on the sexy scale

17. Gotta show her love in the era of the shot life

18. Pretty hurts, unless you’re Teyana Taylor

19. Tantalizing Taylor

20. Even in her work out gear, Teyana still one of the top beauties

21. Got the body of a goddess

22. Tey’s seductive selfless are everything!

23. This pretty girl rocks

24. She woke up like this

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