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"Sex Education" Season 2 - World Premiere - VIP Arrivals

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Fans are raving about season 3 of Netflix’s Sex Education. Some fans are praising the show for discussing taboo topics for teenagers relating to sex and sex prevention. While others are obsessing over the character progression throughout the series. Sex Education bingers have already finished the season and sharing their delight with the season on social media. 

The series follows a socially awkward high school student Otis, who once lacked experience in the lovemaking department while lending his expertise on sex from his mom Jean, the sex therapist. This season Otis has a newfound love interest, but he and Maeve’s underground sex therapy clinic is done. There are more pressing issues on the rise for Otis and his classmates as their high school’s new head teacher is enforcing new disciplinary actions in an effort to reverse the bad press from last term.

There are a number of topics discussed throughout the season outside of sex education. Otis’ mom is expecting, and the series covers the problems that may arise from raising children in old age. Season 3 shares candid conversations about love, relationships, infertility, higher education and family crisis. It is an enthralling escape from the normalcy of conversing sex amongst high school students and adults alike.

Rwandan-Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa portrays Otis’ best friend Eric who offers a fresh perspective on what it is like to be a gay Nigerian man. The series takes Eric’s family to Nigeria, where they dissect a reality for the LGBTQ+ community across cultures that has not been represented on television until this riveting show.

There are eight episodes of Sex Education in season 3 available now on Netflix, which debuted earlier this month. Season 4 has been renewed at Netflix. The announcement was made as part of the Netflix TUDUM fan event.

If you have not yet streamed the latest season, fans are urging you to do so today. Take a look at these Sex Education viewers favorite moments from the season below.

1. Otis & Eric’s Friendship


Take notes. 

2. The Queen Jean


She is the moment. 

3. Let’s Talk About It


The real sex education. 

4. Adam Groff’s Progression


Adam is stepping into his truth in Season 3 and we love to see it. 

5. Team Ruby & Otis


An unexpected surprise was Otis and Ruby’s relationship. 

6. Give It Up For Cal


Cal was introduced this season as a non-binary transfer season. Representation matters, and this series understands the assignment.

7. Comfort Character


Aimee Gibbs is coming to her own realizations after facing sexual assault last season.

8. You’re Going To Be Just Fine


Quotable moments from the show. 

9. Ruby’s Vulnerability


Ruby expressed her love for Otis and in turn, suffered in pain when the love wasn’t returned. 

10. Therapy Maters


The series is raising awareness on the importance of therapy.