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Rap Sh!t Episodic Images for episode 107

Source: Alicia Vera / HBO

Max’s drama series “Rap Sh!t” Season 2 is four episodes in. The show comes with new rap drama and more laughs. Our favorite thing about this season is meeting the new characters the series has added. Check out a gallery of Season two’s guest stars inside.

Of course, fans remember their favorite “Rap Sh!t” stars from the first season, which debuted on Max back in July 2022. The drama series from Issa Rae follows two estranged high school friends from outside Miami, who reunite to form an all-female rap group, hoping to make it in the music industry. “Rap Sh!t” stars KaMillion, Aida Osman, Jonica Booth and RJ Cyler.

There are a number of newly added guest stars that we are highlighting, because they just add a little more flare to the already entertaining show. Actors like Kyle Bary, who starred in Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia;” Jean Elie, who appeared in Max’s “Insecure” and his own series “Send Help;” and Jacob Romero who is best known for his roles on Netflix’s “One Piece” and Own’s “Greenleaf.”

Alongside the newly added roles, there are talented actors who have landed bigger speaking parts in the new season. A few of our favorites include young Frankie Love Knight, who plays Mia and Lamont’s daughter Melissa; DomiNque Perry who portrays one of Mia’s friends Nelly; and Bobbi Baker, who plays Mia’s mom.

Comment your favorite guest star or supporting cast member on Max’s season 2 of “Rap Sh!t” below.

Check out a gallery of our favorite Season 2 guest stars below:

1. Frankie Love Knight as Melissa

Source:Frankie Love Knight

Frankie plays Mia and Lamont’s daughter Nelly. This is her only credited role to date, but she is making her mark in TV. We love her in this season of the show. 

2. Jaboukie Young-White as Francois Boom

Source:Jaboukie Young-White

Jaboukie plays Francois Boom. He is one of Shawna’s former schoolmates and a producer. He appeared in the last season, but his role is more evident this season.

Young-White is a stand-up comedian who is best known for his role voicing Ethan Clade in Strange World. He voiced the first openly gay protagonist in a Disney Animated movie with that role.

3. Kat Cunning as Reina Reign

Source:Kat Cunning

Cunning portrays Reina Reign, who the girls open up with on tour throughout the second season. She is Francois’ protégé.  She made her debut last season, but this season is definitely highlighting Reina Reign. 

Cunning made her name thanks to her recurring role as Christina in “The Deuce” on HBO. She also starred as Sabine in Netflix’s “Trinkets​”​​​​.

4. Brittney Jefferson as Alesia

Source:Brittney Jefferson

Brittney Jefferson plays Alesia, who’s Mia’s high school friend. Jefferson had a few smaller roles in BaldAmerican Soul, and The Bobby Brown Story. She also played Kisha in the TV miniseries, “Deadly Attraction.”

5. DomiNque Perry as Nelly

Source:Dominique Perry

DomiNque Perry portrays Nelly, who is a single mother and one of Mia’s high school friends. Perry has been acting since 2009. She played Shonda in the Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard, Tasha in the series Insecure”, and Nessa in “Black Jesus.”

6. Bobbi Baker as Robyn

Source:Bobbi Baker

Baker portrays Mia’s mom, Robyn. She appeared in the first season, but we see more of her character liven up in this season.

She has been acting since 2022 and got her bigger breakout as Kiki in the Tyler Perry sitcom, “House of Payne.” She also appeared as Tanya in Madea Goes to Jail.


7. Jacob Romero as Lord AK

Source:Jacob Romero

Jacob Romero is introduced the season as the successful rapper Lord AK.

Romero stars in Netflix’s “One Piece” and Own’s “Greenleaf. He has also appeared in “The Resident,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “All Rise​​​​​​.”


8. Kyle Bary as Courtney Taylor

Source:Kyle Bary

Bary joins the cast of “Rap Sh!t” season 2 as Courtney Taylor. He is an opening act for Lord AK in the latest season.

 Bary got his start with a one-slot role in “Bull” before getting recurring roles in both “Our Kind of People” and “Ginny & Georgia.”

9. Jean Elie as Stanley

Source:Jean Elie

Elie portrays Stanley, who is Maurice’s friend who knows about him and Shawna’s illegal credit card schemes at the hotel.

Elie is known for his roles in “Insecure,” “Colin in Black & White,” and “Send Help.”

10. Patrick Cage II as Gat

Source:Patrick Cage II

Patrick portrays Gat, who is Lord AK’s friend. He infamously doused Shawna with champagne during the tour early on in the season.

Cage has credits in “Westworld,” “All American,” and “CSI: Vegas.”