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Emily B‘s daughter, Taina Williams, is extremely beautiful — there no denying that fact and Taina has zero qualms about hitting instagram to flaunt it. In the photo up top, for example, she’s seen sporting a Fashion Nova ‘fit — a black cut-out bikini that showed off ALL her curves. In what was definitely a second flex, she captioned the sexy pic “Open water my location is remote 📍.”

The 23-year-old has been dating rapper G Herbo, and though their relationship hasn’t always been peaches and cream, they’re still going strong and currently expecting their first child together.

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In case you missed it, Taina and Herbo made headlines when Herbo’s ex and child’s mother, Ari, claimed he cheated with Taina. Emily B ended up getting in the middle of the drama to defend her daughter…

“Wait what? If anyone understood your situation it was me,” she wrote after Ari claimed Emily had been spreading lies about her. “I told you that your anger was misplaced. I also told you that I understood you. I have never had a conversation or met Herb in my life till this day. Why on Earth would you tell millions of people that I lied on you? I called you and had a heart-to-heart convo with you. In fact, when I called you she didn’t even know. I told you I walked around with a lot of bitterness and hate in my heart for years but it didn’t hurt them, it only hurt me. Taina doesn’t know you or ever even talked [to] you… so based off an assumption her character has been tarnished. You have never even tried to reach out to her but you run to the internet.”

That’s neither here nor there, however, since it definitely seems the Bustamante-Williams family has since gotten over all the drama and moved forward. Peep more pics of Taina living her best life below and join us in wishing her a happy, happy birthday!

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1. Curves for days.

2. Go AWF.

3. We love a cozy moment.

4. Absolutely stunning.

5. Fenty mami.

6. Hair done, face beat.

7. Mask on.

8. Naturally gorgeous.

9. Double the trouble.

10. Happy Birthday, Taina!

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