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Insecure Season 5

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As Insecure says “BYVE” with its last and final season debuting this Sunday on HBO, the cast takes over the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The Emmy-nominated series returns to say its final goodbyes. The publication brought the trio together, Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, and Jay Ellis, to toast Insecure’s run, their friendship, and more in the digital cover story.

The three discuss the importance of the show by highlighting Black people simply “being,” which is something Black viewers don’t see often. Rae goes on to explain how the show reveled in a similar thought that Black people exist in many ways, not just struggle and strife.

“I think the shows where you get to watch people just being excite me,” says Rae in the story. “We always say internally in the room, it’s [about] being Black on a Tuesday. Those are the stories we’re telling.”

Ellis shares how significant the story became for him when signing onto the project.

“I didn’t realize at the [beginning] how important a story like this was,” Ellis discussed in the article. “It’s like, we don’t want to watch normal life — but once you get into it, you realize that’s important because we need to normalize these things because we don’t see them enough.”

The three relish in their last moments together as Issa, Molly and Lawerence. It’s a bittersweet read, but worth every moment leading up to their final goodbyes. The trio share what’s next for them in the world of television and film. Ellis brags about how the entire cast and crew have continued to level up, which challenges him to do the same.

“Outside of Issa, our entire show has [also] leveled up in a way. Yvonne’s career is insane right now, with specials and hosting and movies. [Consulting producer/star] Natasha Rothwell is doing movies and writing and [signing] deals. There’s [executive producer] Amy Aniobi, and [executive producer] Melina Matsoukas with her movie and big deal,” Ellis brags. “Everyone has had such tremendous success from this show. That, I think, artistically raises the bar in a lot of ways. You can’t put bulls— out. You are challenged to be better every single day because those around you are doing great.”

Be sure to catch out the photos from their Entertainment Weekly digital cover story below. Tune into Season 5 of Insecure this Sunday on HBO.


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