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Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s latest dating series Too Hot To Handle is one of the most bingeable shows available for streaming right now. Ten sexy singles come together thinking they’re about to have the erotic summer they’ve always dreamed of, only to be told it’s actually a competition — the commitment-phobes must refrain from sex if they want to win a $100,000 grand prize. It’s hilarious to watch.

Very early on, Francesca Farago became one of the most hated cast members. She and one of the guys, Harry, kissed, then Harry lied to the rest of the crew and said it was Francesca’s idea to get physical. When the crew believed Harry’s lie, Francesca made them pay. You see, if any of the cast did have sex, kiss, etc, they were penalized and the grand prize was lowered — so, to punish the crew for believing Harry, Francesca kissed partner-in-crime Haley.

In the end, Francesca and Harry ended up together. Like the rest of us, they’re currently waiting for the pandemic to end so they can resume normal life.  We previously reported:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the two are currently unable to see each other. “That’s been really difficult, but it’s basically like the [show] again. We can’t get physical, so we’re focusing on us,” Francesca said. “We’re excited for this to be over, so we can move in together and start normal life.”

We gathered some photos of Francesca for your viewing pleasure below. Tune in while we wait on Netflix’s next dope reality series.

1. Hitting the beach.

2. Isn’t she gorgeous?

3. Bodying a selfie in blue.

4. Seriously, “what’s your deal?”

5. Francesca goes topless.

6. Freeing the nipple.

7. Killing in her Fashion Nova set.

8. Catching some rays.

9. Francesca flaunts her curves.

10. Halloween hottie.

11. Lordy.

12. Beautiful lady.

13. Kicking it by the pool.

14. Cute in just a tee.

15. Vacation goals.

16. Bye Francseca! We hate to see you go.

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