During Women's History Month, Rihanna's album 'ANTI' made history remaining on the Billboard 200 list for five consecutive years. Today, Rihanna reaches a major milestone in her career and music history as the first Black female artist to do so. The award-winning artist hints at new music to celebrate.

On the larger scale of things, 30 years old is still a young age full of possibilities. But for Mila Blatova, it’s the end of a chapter — her beloved 20s. To mourn/celebrate years passed, Mila staged a mock funeral for her 30th birthday. She even sported black clothing and decorated her spot with black balloons. […]

The Ohio State Buckeyes dominated the Oregon Ducks last night, snagging the first-ever CFP National Championship in Arlington, Texas with a 42-20 win. But back home in Ohio, things got a bit hectic. Fans took to the streets in Columbus, Ohio, with as many as 8,000 people converging on the Ohio State football stadium, forcing their way inside and wreaking havoc. […]

Nivea can say what she wants, but Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are a thing, and they’re wasting no time living it up. In the most recent of Tina ‘N Tunechi sightings, Miss Milian was seen helping the YMCMB head honcho celebrate his birthday. Wayne turns 32 tomorrow and what better way to get the […]

No, the world does not revolve around Kim Kardashian and that big butt of hers (but then again, it is grand enough to have its own gravitational pull). She may be the reason why her family found fame in the first place, but she isn’t the only reason we’ve been keeping up with them ever since. We […]

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout. The “Black Skinhead” rapper took time out to thank everyone, including his fans via Twitter yesterday afternoon. Journalists and music publications celebrated Kanye’s debut album by reviewing their 10-year-old critiques of The College Dropout, publishing unreleased interviews with the 36-year-old rapper, and revealing […]

Today is Father’s Day, so, let us reflect on the importance of our dads. Dads are the fucking best. They’re basically like real life superheroes. Think of ALL the shit they’ve put up with over the years. All they’ve taught you. They should really be exhausted But they’re always just happy to spend whatever time […]

Who’s ready to see all that red and pink in the seasonal aisle go? It’s February 14th and somehow there seems to be an air of stale flatness in the air. Maybe it’s all the Valentines we’ve been writing. Maybe it’s all the money we’ve been spending. No matter the cause, Valentine’s Day has become […]


One of my favorite clothing lines ever has a new mixtape for your listening pleasure. With DJs Mick Boog’, Terry U and L & D as the makers of this masterpiece, trust that you’ll enjoy this De La Soul homage.       (Via Lemar and Dauley’s Newsletter) MICK BOOGIE X TERRY URBAN X LEMAR […]


<p>L&amp;D is international baby!! Check the Japonese showing mad L&amp;D Love. Word.</p>