Donald Trump definitely has his list of enemies, to say the least. It seems like even dogs are joining the anti-Trump protests. One rescue dog from Mexico definitely wasn’t here for the current commander-in-chief. Check out the Chihuahua’s message below.  

A man in Palm Beach County will be spending 100 days in jail after being caught on tape having sex with his family’s Chihuahua. Daily Mail reports: Marc Ramon Gonzalez, 61, from Palm Beach County, was found out by his wife after she looked at security camera footage of her husband abusing the pet near the […]

A man was arrested outside of a Starbucks in Texas this past Tuesday evening for throwing an innocent chihuahua dog at the coffee shop’s glass window. According to WTSP, Larry McHale has been charged with animal cruelty after customers witnessed him throw the dog at the window around 9:30 PM. The site reports that it’s unclear […]