Megan Fox Married Brian Austin Greene. That’s right, Megan Fox is now a married woman. The dreams of men all over the world who once thought they had a chance of seeing Megan Fox with no clothes enter their bedroom are now crushed. There will be no clothes left of the floor for Megan Fox to pick […]


Kinga Burza does it again, after making a hit with Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ making her a pop cult queen, Marina and the Diamonds also hops on this express train to bubblegum royalty.  Her new music video ‘Oh No’ is almost like a bursting bag of skittles with her girly melodies sung by […]

Lady Gaga has been known to wear many outrageous outfits…that is part of what makes Gaga, Gaga.   But, recently Lady Gaga has been wearing close to nothing as the summertime hits, the temperature rises and the bra and panties come out.  She hit up the Mets game wearing bra and panties…then it was the Yankees […]


When listening to the pop greats, it is easy take notice of a new face and think nothing more. But after listen to Maria and the Diamonds you will all agree that this girl has a truly unique sound and swagger.  Marina and the Diamonds are a pop band that remind me a little of […]


We’re pretty sure you have Chris Brown’s latest mixtape with Tyga titled ‘Fan Of A Fan.’ Lately Chris has been releasing new videos & records off the mixtape. Most of the songs that he has been putting out are featuring his new partner in crime, Tyga. As much as we love to hear Tyga’s verses […]

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted walking in some sweatpants, hair tied chilling with no make up on, and she was still more beautiful than ever. Her fuzzy slippers looked very comfortable. I remember my grandmother had a similar pair of slippers she used to throw at us when we got out of line. #XillaShrug. Vanessa is […]


Check out Red Cafes newest mixtape ‘No Witnesses’. CLICK HERE FOR MIXTAPE


    We had this song a couple of months ago with DJ tags all over it. They finally released the untagged version of this snippet. We expect many more versions of this record to come out. Download the untagged version & throw it on your Ipod.  5 07 Drake All Night Long Miss Me […]


People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has getting flack lately because nowadays many of their ads feature half naked celebrities in their birthday suits and some feel that it’s getting away from the message. They maybe right, because when PETA drops their new ad people want to see which celeb literally dropped everything […]

Kim Kardashian must be the most down to Earth person in the world. The beautiful reality star stepped out the house with out make up on to hit up the grocery store to pick up the dietary supplement Emergen-C. I know people will probably try to hate on Kim Kardashian, but I am willing to […]

<p>It Is Here: No Slices!</p><p>It has been a long time coming, and Ayind&eacute; has had fans on their toes waiting for the release of "No Slices"! Featured on Good Music All Day, and of course, Ayind&eacute; isn’t just a rapper, he’s a true artist. And I’m not just saying this to gas or […]