cliven bundy

President Obama will make history by becoming the first sitting president to visit Cuba in almost nine decades.

Ammon Bundy's armed takeover of an Oregon government facility is still ongoing, although trying to determine if the group will face heavier interest from federal authorities remains to be seen.

The armed group of militia men associated with controversial Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, are days into their occupation of a federal government building in Burns, Ore.

Creating the tags #YallQaeda, #WhiteSIS and #VanillaISIS, Twitter users were able to comically expose the stark difference between how America responds to White men with guns versus unarmed Black people.

The married couple behind the Las Vegas shooting that left two officers and one civilian dead reportedly spent some time on right-wing patriot Cliven Bundy’s ranch, according to Bundy’s son. Investigators are still searching for Jerad Miller and wife Amanda’s motive, but the two allegedly espoused anti-government and white supremacist views — views that eventually […]

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced plans to remove all troops from Afghanistan by 2016, starting with a significant withdraw that would leave only 9,800 troops in the country by year’s end. By the end of 2015, that number would be reduced by roughly half. “We have to recognize that Afghanistan will not be a perfect place, […]

We knew there was something familiar about the Nevada cattle rancher who can’t stop calling African-Americans “negroes.” When we read that Cliven Bundy, the conservative “patriot” whose racist comments even pissed Sean Hannity off, believed that blacks would be better off as slaves, it sounded a lot like this man: Yep. Dave Chappelle’s hilariously absurd […]

Cliven Bundy doesn’t give a f*ck. No, really. The Nevada rancher who became infamous after refusing to pay the government $1.1 million in grazing fees (and who recently announced black people would be better off as slaves) just can’t care if he’s still calling African-Americans “negroes.” And in a press conference the public assumed would be damage […]