Jewelry can found in every human pocket of civilization on our planet. Used as decoration, spirtual enhancement, an indicator of status and, frequently romantic devotion, it comes in precious or semi-precious stones, beads, shells or anything which can be worn or attributed meaning to. Turn on any hip-hop video and you’re bound to see some […]


Lady Gaga is such a wonderfully hot mess. Judging by these photos of the pop icon’s recent show at Madison Square Garden, a Lady Gaga concert consists of studded lingerie sets, fake blood, glitter, and some of the craziest costumes ever to be worn on a stage. At one point during the show, she looked […]


The Gaga police are out today but lets not indict her of corrupting dominant values with her creative venom just yet. Critics and celebrities like  Katy Perry have been quick to attack Lady Gaga’s new video, Alejandro by Tweeting, ‘Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke’ It’s easy […]


Lady Gaga is all about shock-value, but according to her business people, stripping down for Playboy may actually offend her fans. It’s strange to think that a woman who probably manages to scare, shock or offend 10 people before breakfast each morning could possibly lose the support of some of her fans with just a […]

<p>Lady Gaga naked image, of song Alejandro, just popped in.WWD reported that fashion photographer Steven Klein will direct the video.</p>

<p>The &lsquo;Telephone&rsquo; video is smashing records left and right,&nbsp;Lady GaGa is gearing up to shoot the video for her follow-up single&nbsp; &lsquo;Alejandro&rsquo;.</p><p>She spoke recently to Australian radio station Nova 96.9 FM, she told the interviewer a few tidbits on the video, which is said will be directed by Steven Klein:</p><p>&ldquo;I&rsquo;m so excited about the &lsquo;Alejandro&rsquo; […]