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Reviews of the first person shooter and conclusion of the franchise Resistance 3 have been leaking online all weekend. PHOTOS: NBA2K12 Is Crazy-The HipHop Gamer The score? Most gaming sites have given the game solid eight out of ten with one site lobbing a seven. From IGN: “Resistance 3 offers the same polished experience as […]

Supermodels Jessica White and Lisalla Montenegro, along with Christy Turlington, Shu Pei and Emily DiDonato, star as the faces of Maybelline’s campaign for the 2011 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, which will start this Thursday. PHOTOS: Lisalla Montenegro Made The Right Decision Moving To NYC The looks for the campaign are bright and bold […]

As if the ACE Hotel wasn’t a cool enough place to be in NYC, they have tapped into a new field by collaborating with Incase for their own line of protective cases and bags. The five-piece collection includes a Duffel Bag, Shoulder Bag, 15” Sleeve, Portfolio for iPad 2 and Snap Case for iPhone 4 […]

We all can enjoy a great Superhero story.  Many of us have been enjoying Superman and Batman stories for our entire lives and none of them have ever gotten old, both figuratively and literally. However artist Andreas Englund has decided to give us all his rendition of what an aging superhero may look like. The […]

If you’re a fan of the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, you probably know that a lot of the imagery used is inspired by the Planet of The Apes. However for their capsule collection, due out on September 17th, the brand went with another iconic science fiction movie as their source of inspiration.  This […]

When Leo Xu Projects launches in Shanghai on September 9, the new gallery will open with a group show that focuses on ’80s duo The Eurythmics (featuring Annie Lennox). Referencing the British duo Eurythmics’ 1983 hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” the exhibition portrays dreamscapes and utopias/dystopias, and offers a kaleidoscopic view of the […]

Over 3 million+ gamers and fans of “Gears of War” lost their minds yesterday when a duo of trailers hit the web, announcing the next incarnation of the XBox 360 hit. We can’t blame them! The graphics and gameplay of this game are ridiculous and we can’t wait for it to launch in a few […]

Sony is like, the best! Sometimes they come off like a PC but more often than not, they mack like a MAC and create some amazing looking products! PHOTOS: Visual Artist Mark Bradford Is On Fire! At MoCA Sony previewed the above headset during CES earlier this year and it will go on sale this […]

Sony’s dual screen S2 & P tablets are not iPad killers, but they sure are pretty innovative and interesting devices to look at.   PHOTOS: Sony’s 3D Headset Is Ridonkulous! “It’s not about who makes them first, but who makes them better,” Sony president Howard Stringer quipped as he introduced the devices to the public […]

If you are in Chicago on or around the 18th of September, be sure to check out Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford’s show at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Bradford is best known for his large paintings and installations of what he calls subject mapping, objects collected and arranged from his immediate environment. Curated by […]

Ever find yourself running from the law and a bunch of stop-lights get in your way? Fret not, anti-hero/criminal because researchers at MIT and Princeton have created a new smartphone app that can predict stop signals. PHOTOS: Sony Tablets & A Tivo Iphone App Called SignalGuru, the app uses the camera from a dashboard-mounted smartphone […]

La Maison is an 11 volume collection that documents the House of Hermes production practices over a six year period. Photographed by Koto Bolofo, a South African fashion photographer (Vogue, i-D, et. al) who grew up in Great Britain and who also gained unprecedented access to Hermès when he started working for Monde d’Hermès, the Hermès magazine, in […]