To be or not to be…but at what cost?  It’s almost inconceivable the lengths that some artists & entertainers feel obligated to go to keep themselves in the headlines. The prioritization of fan base over God, family, morals, and over just plain ol’ fashioned common sense is an example of that remarkable distance. I think […]

So, this is a part of my life, I’ve never publicly spoken about. But I know, I’m not alone. My mom is an addict. Her drug of choice…..Alcohol. And watching her battle this disease over the years, I have to write about it. Funny thing is, before we moved to LA, I don’t ever remember […]

[From Perez Hilton] We thought these two put their bullshiz aside to focus their attention on the kids! According to Life & Style Weekly, mayjah drama went down between Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler on Monday – so much so that the cops were called!!! Seems that Travis was supposed to drop Landon and Alabama […]


Sooo a ridiculous rumor has emerged that the recent blog entry I wrote for the Huffington Post was plagiarized. Wow!! This is an unfounded insinuation that has no basis, merit or truth. I’ve never heard of this author or her book until Thursday afternoon. African-American women struggling with complexion issues is not a novel or […]


Hey Global Grind Readers. I hope you enjoy this piece that I wrote surrounding Black on Black hate in our community. This piece took me over a month to write because I didn’t want to offend anyone that I’m sure two to four edits ago I probably would have. I’m a huge fan of our […]