Henry Chalfant

What do Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page have in common? They all began their acting careers early and were declared stars by the time they were even allowed to attend their high-school proms. These three have been in everything from blockbuster mega-movies to cult classics and even television. Each of the actors have […]

This new promotional poster for Robert Rodriguez’s newest film The Machete has just been released featuring Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun licking a mighty long gun! As usual, Lindsay keeps it controversial and raunchy… just how we like it. Aside from this racy poster, we hear LiLo has a topless scene playing the character […]

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are very much in love. In an age where it seems like it has become increasingly difficult to see a young entertainer who manages to stay on the straight and narrow. We have been overwhelmed by images of celebrities who have fallen prey to the confusion, temptations, and responsibilities that […]

2.5 tasers We are reminded, once again, that very few franchises can live up to high expectations.  In fact, one of the very franchises that only gets better with age seems to be Pixar…oh….I’m sorry…I meant the Toy Story phenomenon or for that matter, anything Pixar touches.   OK. Let’s please remember that the first movie, […]

Christina Aguilera will be making her feature film debut in Burlesque along side Cher. The movie is several months away from release but the promotion for it has already begun! Several official photos have been released for the flick online. Burlesque is due for release in the US on November 24. The soundtrack for Burlesque […]


Barack Obama gets immortalized in magazines, televison, newspapers and now in film, ,‘Little Obama’,peep the first bio-pic of the President of The United States, a little movie about the President as a pre-teen growing up in Indonesia. For some reason watching the trailer reminds us of ‘The Karate Kid’ young Barack moves to a city […]

Jonah Hex by Cali Tamayo 2 Scars! Josh Brolin is one hot Hollywood taMALE. On top of that, he is a damn good actor.  In addition, he is the son of the even hotter James Brolin — and the step-son of fab Babs — and wait, it only gets better, he is married to ultra-hot-mamma-who-can-act, Diane Lane. […]

Toy Story 4 Cones Of Ice-Cream I love Pixar!  They are the F.A.O Schwartz for movie lovers!   These folks do deliver…and how.  But let’s just cut to the chase: why can’t the rest of Hollywood be just like Pixar? Toy Story 3 is a wickedly good movie and quite frankly, one of the best movies […]

Your preview of The Smurfs movie is here! The movie is set to come out August 3, 2011, but there is already a teaser clip of what is to come from The Smurfs. The movie, which will be in 3-D, follows the tiny blue Smurfs after they are chased out of their magical village by […]

Karate Kid by Cali Tamayo   2.5 Cartwheels! We have all felt the pain of adolescence…the raging hormones, the sudden sexual impulses, the standing out like a sore thumb, the being picked on by ones who were much cooler and hip…yes…that seemingly eternal feeling of…’when is this hellish nightmare going to be finally over’…and believe you […]


As if the industry wasn’t already over flooded with love making songs rapper Chamillionaire released this song featuring Lloyd & Twista. The song is titled ‘Make A Movie’ & its means what the title is. Through out the whole song they’re talking about having sex with a woman while recording it on camera. This could […]

Most single girls have met a Ben Kalmen sometime in their dating life.  Yeap…of this I am pretty pretty sure…and anyone who dedicated her life to dating like I did…must have then crossed paths with more than one Ben…  As long as we are sharing…I’ll gladly admit meeting my first Ben Kalmen when my friend […]