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If you’re a hip hop head like myself then you know the classic Gladys Knight sample from Wu Tang Clan’s first album. ‘Hey you know everybody’s talkin’ about the good old days. Everybody… The good old days, the good old days! Well, let’s talk about the good old days’ Back in the good ole days we didn’t […]

<p>It Is Here: No Slices!</p><p>It has been a long time coming, and Ayind&eacute; has had fans on their toes waiting for the release of "No Slices"! Featured on Good Music All Day, and of course, Ayind&eacute; isn’t just a rapper, he’s a true artist. And I’m not just saying this to gas or […]

<p>Dirty Dingu$$ Mcgee</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Dirty Dingu$$ McGee, is one of the Gangsta Music Coalition Records top generals.&nbsp; For multiple reasons, the majors hate to embrace him, so instead they steal his music from behind his back.&nbsp; Dirty has a 3-Quarter personally, which is displayed in his 3 way love connection style.&nbsp; A style that sleeps with the […]

<p>Dirty Dingu$$&nbsp;Mcgee</p><p>Image that July 4th 2000 is the present month day and year.&nbsp; The exact month day and year that the Ruff Ryder&rsquo;s, dropped the street&rsquo;s classic, Ryde of Die Vol. 2.&nbsp; &nbsp; Now let&rsquo;s journey a few months before this date, for one second, close your eyes, open your mind and just portrait that […]

<p>IN DA LAB SERIES. Visit for links to sites with the hottest deals on studio equipment THE PLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other […]

<p>T.I. I’m Back TI Im 2010 Album New Music Rap Hip Hop Songs T.I. I’m Back TI Im 2010 Album New Music Rap Hip Hop Songs T.I. I’m Back TI Im 2010 Album New Music Rap Hip Hop Songs T.I. I’m Back TI Im 2010 Album New Music Rap Hip Hop Songs</p>

<p>The Smoking Section is a UPROXX blog, which means its awesome. They have interviews of hip hop artists, reviews, news and more.</p>

<h3 class="UIIntentionalStory_Message"><span class="UIStory_Message">"Me, Myself and Time" is a song recorded by American actress and singer-songwriter, Demi Lovato for a Disney Channel original comedy series "Sonny With a Chance". She plays character of Allison "Sonny" Munroe in the comedy show.</span></h3>

<p><strong>Slaughterhouse lyricist Royce Da 5&prime;9&Prime; explains why he thinks flow can be more important than subject matter in rapping.</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>Brought out the wheels again on this one Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using phonograph turntables and a DJ mixer. The word ‘turntablist’ was coined in 1995 by DJ Babu[1] to describe the difference between a DJ who just plays records, and one who performs by touching and moving the […]

<p>New Audio: <strong>Hell Rell – Bullpen Therapy (Mixtape Intro)</strong></p>

Check out this full music video and lyric of Christina Aguilera’s new single “Not Myself Tonight,” off her new album, Bionic.’Not Myself Tonight,” produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ester Dean is the first single off Aguilera’s upcoming album, “Bionic”, which will be in stores on June 8th. What do yall think of […]