So I flew out to Cali for the BET awards. My heart was heavy with the passing of Michael Jackson, my eyes heavier with only 2 hours of sleep in 24 hours. I arrived at the airport to have a wonderful conversation with Columbia recording artist Nikki Jean who sat down on the floor right […]


Shot a video w/ my new homegirl Taylor Swift, I think its on the beginning of the show. 8pm EST tonight. Check it

The alwayz stylish Kim Kardashian was spotted sizzling along with rest of the Kardashian Crew at the 2nd Annual Bravo A-List Awards on April 5, 2009

Lol, that Sh*t just broke into pieces! But you do you’s a Trumpet Award lol.

It was so Hott! — It felt like it was on fire!

Here’s some interesting behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of Beyonce working through her routine for her performance of ‘Deja Vu’ on the BET Awards.