This week’s episode was titled “Fresh-Like” and that’s literally all it was about. From a fresh new man and a fresh new apartment to a fresh new job, everything in Issa’s life is becoming real “fresh-like.” This episode’s soundtrack was pretty fresh too. To welcome the reintroduction of Issa’s party bus passenger, Nathan, and the […]

Episode 3 had the slow jams on deck. Check out your weekly 'Insecure' playlist!

Once again Insecure has delivered! Episode 2 of Season 3 was an amazing look at Daniel and Issa’s relationship. You saw firsthand Daniel’s insecurities and for once, saw how Issa was there to help him for a change. It was an amazing turn of events for anyone who has been watching the show over the […]

Natasha Rothwell discusses the "Growth" meme and more.

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