Kristin Cavallari


One common misconception about pop stars is that they were all made in factories somewhere, or are just pretty faces who’ve been given songs to sing and have no actual raw talent . The truth of the matter is that, like our favortite rappers, many of the world’s biggest popstars put in serious work. Many […]

Britney Spears has had her share of drama over the past few years but now she is definitely back in full force, and back to the old Britney we all know, love and remember. She is looking great and her career is back on track as well. Her new perfume ‘Radiance’ is set to be […]

Britney Spears is anti-establishment. Ok well I don’t know that for sure, but while everyone else was at the 2010 Emmy awards, Britney Spears was in Hawaii wearing a bikini, looking better than 14 plates of momma’s home cooked food. Britney has been back on the comeback trial and people have not stopped talking about […]


Don’t sometimes you just wish, right in the middle of that BORING sixth period Economics class, your whole class could just break out in song and dance (THINK: Glee!) Well, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen to us everyday common folks. But we have had the privilege of seeing that same visual through some of […]

Britney Spears has been making the most of her summer. The pop princess has been seen frolicking on the beach with her new boo, Jason Trawick. Who is this guy? No one knows, but we know one thing — he is much older than Britney.  Seems like age ain’t nothing but a number for Brit because […]

Britney Spears is done filming her guest star appearence on the hit show ‘Glee‘ and was seen hitting the beach in Hawaii on Tuesday, August 24. Britney Spears walked around the beach rocking a teenie weenie yellow two-piece swimsuit. The singer was enjoying her time off and spent it with her boyfriend Jason Trawick at […]


Britney Spears covers September’s issue of the United Kingdom’s based POP magazine. In the Japanese anime-inspired shoot, Britney looks young, vibrant, and refreshed. In the article, the pop princess talks about fellow headline-grabber, Lady Gaga. One would think that Ms. Spears might be jealous of Gaga, with her current fame and success, but the veteran […]


Lady GaGa is dominating Twitter with the most followers. The crown once held by Britney Spears has been knocked down by this little monster who has over 5,000,000 followers on Twitter. Despite always having a large following, Lady GaGa‘s numbers really spiked after sending a TwitPic herself in the studio. This is not the begining […]

On the radio with Ryan Seacrest earlier today, Glee creator Ryan Murphy announced that Britney Spears will appear on the tribute episode dedicated to the her success in music. Murphy states that Britney will be ‘one hundred percent’ appearing in the episode, casting away any doubt fans and blogs had about the tribute episode earlier […]


These days it seems like Rihanna can do no wrong. The Barbados-born pop singer already claimed her spot in the music world by putting out hit after hit, has become a veritable force in the fashion world, and is a paparazzi favorite. Now she’s got her eye on reaching triple threat status. Rihanna is about […]

Celebs love to sex it up. Yes, sex sells, but how young is too young to be doing this? Young starlets are sexing it up earlier and earlier and in an industry where you can be in one day and out the next, the use of sex as a selling point is not going to […]

The celebrity/fan relationship is an odd one. Here are a group of people who completely love and obsess over a person, and that person doesn’t even know that these individuals exist. Don’t get me wrong, all celebrities know they have fans. They love their fans and thank them at every chance they get, but when […]