Hey Everyone! I know what everyone is thinking….’OHHHHH HERE WE GOOOO AGAIN!’  Believe me…I know, cuz that’s exactly what I am thinking as well!  Why? Because right now I am so happy with my life!  I have a new TV Show in the works, am about to go on tour this month, a new book […]

    Tila allowed a photog to snap some shots of her bruised arms and neck. The photos prove that Shawne did more than just try to keep her from driving home drunk. This is probably why the DA asked Tila to come into their office and are reviewing the case, according to, gg source thesuperficial.com […]

The story involving reality star Tila Tequila and San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman just got more interesting.   In new developments, Global Grind has EXCLUSIVELY learned from a source that ‘she did not have a car that night because she was booked for an event on Friday night.’  The source goes on to say that ‘a […]