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Today we have apps you will tell your grandkids about! Kraftwerk, the seminal German band that’s responsible for so many of your favorite beats. They have released an app so you can make your own. Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass” got retooled and rebooted for the iPad. Finally, ticket scalping […]

Need to make music, book a flight and tour our nation’s parks? Stick around, we have apps for that. What: iTrump Made by: SpoonJack. What It Does: iTrump is a cool app that allows you to play the trumpet either by touch or by blowing air into a port of your iPhone. For sanitary reasons, […]


Sam Adams a name you know as a beer but that’s not what were talking about here. Sam is an up and coming musician from Boston, who has been able to build his career up from posting one of his songs, ‘I Hate College Remix,’ on youtube. After posting the video online Sam Adams was […]


This is the statement I had to accept a few weeks back. I found myself living more in the virtual world than the real one. Whenever something exciting would happen in my life and I found myself telling my Facebook friends before my own family. If I was frustrated with my job I would vent […]

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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Let&rsquo;s say you have bunch of AVI movies or TV shows on your Mac, and want to upload them to iTunes library, either for organization or for importing to your iPod/iPhone. To add AVI files, which is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft, to iTunes library, you need to convert it to iTunes friendly […]


Movie critic Roger Ebert took to Twitter yesterday and thanked Drake for the name drop in his new song ‘Over.’  In the song Drake says ‘I really can’t complain, everything is kosher/ two thumbs up, Ebert and Roeper.’ Referring to the revered movie critics.  Ebert also tweeted that Drake was his granddaughters favorite stating ‘my […]

<p>Prepaid cards can be used to purchase music and audiobooks from the iTunes Music Store. At this time, prepaid cards are not accepted for online Apple Store purchases. To redeem a prepaid card, launch iTunes. Click on the Music Store icon in the Source list. Then, click the Prepaid Card link in the left-handcolumn.</p>

<p>Q: "I’ve purchased a bunch of music from iTunes and have enjoyed listening to them on my computer. But my portable music player is not an Apple iPod, so I can’t take my songs with me. I know that I can burn it but I don’t have a cd burner on my computer so I […]

<h2>The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight Brings GRAMMY Award Winning Producers The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League to iTunes Podcast.</h2><p>2010 continues to bring one of the hottest and most unique celebrity driven Podcast to hear a diverse range of Billboard’s chart topping and GRAMMY Award winning music producers, composers, arrangers, vocalists and engineers discuss their production techniques […]

<p>Hypnotic by Chantay. Produced by Qwest and R-Son. In stores now. Record Label: Rymatica Recordings Originally released: 03-JAN-2006 Executive Producers: Richard John CEO &amp; Granfanali</p>

<p>Check out the new iPad and all it’s features, watch video look at pictures and comment on apples new invention.</p>