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Lil Wayne is the Facebook champion of the world as the ‘6 Foot, 7 Foot’ star broke the Guinness Book of World Record for the most Facebook ‘likes’ in 24 hours. Lil Wayne topped the cookie giant Oreo for the record when he got wind of what Oreo’s was trying to do. Lil Wayne put […]

A reader of mine sent me an email stating they have been looking for employment for over a year and  have yet to get any luck. This person stated that they have been upfront and honest about there felony conviction on every application and it has only gotten them a handful of interviews with no […]

Lil Wayne‘s new ‘I Am Not A Human Being‘ debuts on the sales charts at number two with over a 108 thousand copies sold in the first week while Gucci Mane‘s new ‘Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted‘ album pops up at number 4 with just under 62,000 units. Although he dropped 7% in sales from last week, Eminem stays […]


It’s never a story unless there’s proof! Chatter has been floating around the blogosphere for months about Pusha T signing with G.O.O.D. Music, but there was never any concrete confirmation until Sunday night after the VMA performance when Pusha chatted with MTVNews.


So it’s been a minute… Too long… Especially since the last entry was my first entry. And I want to go from “Fame-ish” to “Famous”. And I know I’m not goingdo that unless more people know who I am. And this is a great outlet for me to do that so note to self (and […]

Financial Aid for Felons In 2005 I was convicted of a felony while I was attending a local community college. I was paying for my education with financial aid at the time. I had to drop out because I had to spend 30 days in jail and missed a lot of classes. I was told […]

When you look at a record label and their artists, one dominates the other in an obvious way. Record label executives and CEO’s are the kings while artists are the King’s horses. Now I’ll ask you bloggers and readers what’s the difference between a king and his horse? Picture it, if a record label is […]


Mark Ronson & The Business Intl teamed up with Ghostface Killah for their newest record, ‘Lose It (In The End)’.  As usual, Mark Ronson directs great instrumentation with the perfect fusion of dance elements on this track. Ghostface Killah gives us memorable verses that aren’t about crack for once. This song will be on Ronson’s […]


Seems like Rick Ross will have to be a patient man if he wants Wiz Khalifa to join him on Maybach Music as Atlantic Records announced the budding hip-hop emcee as their newest signee. Wiz has been quickly rising in popularity since the release of his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape in April of this […]


Father’s day is this weekend.  Please put away the socks and ties, your dad deserves some special attention for all that he has put up with throughout your adolescent years alone.  We are going to give you the low-down the best gifts for your pops that are sure to make a hit.   Dads come […]

Multi-Rights deals, also known as 360 deals, are becoming more and more common place in today’s music landscape. 360 deals are agreements that permit a label to garner a percentage of the revenue from ALL of a music group’s activities instead of only record sales. in 360 deals, labels may get a percentage of revenue […]

<p>By:Jay Beckford</p><p>When releasing your own music Online or on CD means that, you pretty much become your own record label, although&nbsp; you did not set up a company yet officially. The business of a record label is to sell music whatever genre it may be. If you released music on your own or plan to […]