Nothing But the Beat

<p><span style="font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; white-space: pre;">Wyclef Jean&acirc;&euro;&trade;s Yele Haiti Foundation has raised more than $400,000 for Haitian people through text messages. The groups, who track down the </span></p>

<p>This short documentary is presented by two teenagers who visit the Fond des Blancs region of rurual Haiti to document the work of the St. Boniface foundation as well as a partner organization–Haiti Projects.</p>

<p>A seven point three magnitude quake hit the Republic of Haiti on Jan twelve, 2010. Republic of Haiti demands for the quake convalescence aid quite instantly.</p>

<p>This foundation has been established for the recent earthquake. I had a hard time about to happen through this month&rsquo;s aid, other than following the overwhelming reports in Haiti owing to yesterday&rsquo;s quake; this month&rsquo;s charity turned out to be attractive fucking understandable.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Understanding that it is a blessing that God wakes me up everyday and allows me to make a living from music, the road wasn’t always an easy one. Having people devote part of their lives to helping you survive, and believe in you to the point where they sacrifice a part of themselves to allow […]


The Dahntay Jones Foundation is a project that I knew would be something important. I try every year to bring Christmas spirit to those who are in dire need of it. That’s why on December 23, 2009, I took it upon myself to organize a benefit toy drive that would benefit children at Riley Children’s […]


It was growing up that I experienced the positive influence a mentor can have on someone’s life.  Someone you can trust, who will support you and give you advice that is in your best interest. Having a parent that was addicted to drugs was especially challenging for me. There were times she was unable to […]

Hi guys… Just checking in to say I’ve been really busy working hard to bring you guys some new music (both for myself and upcoming artists). I’ll be moving about quite a bit during the holidays performing and doing my best to help give back. With that said, I’m having a charity auction to support […]


Yesterday, local New York students from PS 165 assisted Bounty, Russell Simmons, arts supporter Rev Run, designer and humanitarian Tory Burch and artist Amanda Williams in unveiling the completed Building Bounty-ful Bridges 33-foot painted mural of the traveling arts program sponsored by Bounty and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.  The event took place at the Rush […]


  Today I am overjoyed because I got to witness the true power of hip-hop once again.  The power of giving back.  That is what hip-hop has been about since day one and what it will always be…because the tie between the poets and their communities is unbreakable. At the Rush Gallery, we announced a […]

I’m giving away 20 cars to people in NEED in Atlanta: Make sure you check out The Ludacris Foundation  


My name is Jessica White and I am known to the world as a model. I have been blessed with success beyond my wildest dreams, from walking the hottest runways to being the first African-American model with two beauty contracts to gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated seven times!  However, beyond all of the glitz […]