Fifty-three percent of people surveyed said that the landscape of American culture has worsened since the 1950s, compared to 60 percent of Black Americans who believe that things have gotten better since that time period.


As the world recovers from the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris last week, ISIS is already posing new threats. The terror group released a new video Monday that indicates they are looking to plot an attack on Washington D.C.


President Barack Obama addressed his GOP critics at the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit Monday, telling them not to “pop off” over his handling of Syrian refugees…

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, the world continues to mourn. But some are using the tragedy to do more harm than good.

Hacker group Anonymous has turned their attention to ISIS following the Paris attacks.


According to officials, Salah Abdeslam, one of the individuals who helped orchestrate the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday, was reportedly located inside a building in a suburban town in Belgium.

Late night hosts have the unenviable job of calming America's nerves after unfathomable tragedies happen. 

Kim Zolciak gets criticized after heavily Photoshopping an Instagram photo, "Saturday Night Live" pays tribute to Paris, and more.

129 people have been killed, and 352 injured, in the Paris terror attacks that occurred on Friday, November 13th.

The tragic events that occurred on Friday the 13th in Paris have caused a public outcry from some of our favorite celebrities. During her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Stockholm, Sweden, Madonna broke down in front of thousands while she spoke on the violence that Paris faced this past week. “This whole show is about celebrating […]

The attacks claimed the lives of at least 127 people and the latest reports state that at least 300 have been hospitalized, with 80 in critical condition.