Serena Williams is ending the year with a bang and a new fiancé.

Bill Cosby can’t talk about his numerous sexual assault cases in the media, but he’s found a new way to tell his side of the story. During a recent interview with Kia Soto for Tattle Tailzz, Cosby opened up and shared a poem he changed to remind him of his murdered son Ennis, who was shot during […]

Lupita Nyong’o definitely has had one of the best years ever as far as a member of Hollywood goes. The 12 Years A Slave actress won her first Oscar earlier this year for her role in the ground-breaking film, and won countless other awards throughout the year. Not only was she the spotlight of the awards for […]

This isn’t something you see every day. Beyonce took to Instagram earlier this afternoon, but instead of posting another stunning set of photos featuring her and her family, the Queen shared a little bit of poetry with her BeyHive. Though the words aren’t her own, they say a bit about Bey’s mindset. The “Drunk In Love” singer carefully […]