After this year’s MTV VMA nominations revealed her “Anaconda” video would not be considered for “Video of the Year,” Nicki Minaj made some very controversial, but necessary, points about Black women and Black bodies not being celebrated enough in pop culture. Taylor Swift, a White woman with a very slim body who did get a nomination […]

After months of trying in vain to grow a mustache, Justin Bieber has decided to call it quits. The Canadian-born pop star took to Instagram to give his followers a chance to say their goodbyes to his barely-there facial hair. The singer uploaded a video in which he asked, “should I do it?” while holding […]

Miley Cyrus is still heartbroken over the loss of her beloved pup Floyd and we’d expect nothing less from the blossoming pop star, being the animal lover that she is. Yesterday, Miley posted a long letter to fans as she mourned Floyd’s death and needless to say, it was very emotional. Calling herself “Floyd’s mommy,” the 21-year-old singer […]

We don’t know what’s gotten into Katy Perry, but we like it. Just a few days ago, the “Roar” pop superstar debuted new “slime green for spring” hair that we absolutely love, and now it appears as though a little ‘Yonce may be coursing through her veins, as she got super sexy for Instagram yesterday. […]

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest superstars known to mankind at this point, but that doesn’t mean she never hits a bump in the road. Mother Monster recently revealed that she was having serious financial issues following the release of her debut album and was actually bankrupt during her 2009 Monster Ball tour. In a […]

Lady Gaga does not want to be compared to Katy Perry, in any form or fashion. That much was made clear during the 27-year-old superstar’s SXSW 2014 keynote speech on Friday, where she discussed being different, her vomit stunt during thursday’s SXSW concert, and more. Dressed in clear trash bags from head-to-toe, Gaga told her […]

Rashida Jones wants to clear up a few things. In no way is she guilty of “slut shaming.” In a new essay written for Glamour magazine, the Parks & Recreation actress addressed critics who bashed her for her October 2013 Twitter rant, in which she hashtagged the phrase “stop acting like whores” in regards to the abundance of […]

Katy Perry is apparently really sick of seeing her fellow pop stars in the buff. The 29-year-old stopped by NPR while promoting the release of her new album Prism, and discussed the nudity epidemic that is plaguing the pop music scene. The “Peacock” singer admitted she’s played the sexy card herself, but that it’s not the only […]